Dr Jordyn Stuart

Analytical Chemist and Postdoctoral Research Associate – The Lambert Initiative

Jodryn completed her Bachelor of Applied Science at Indiana University, Bloomington and her PhD in pharmacology at Macquarie University. Since 2015, she has worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Lambert Initiative, one of the largest and most cutting-edge cannabis research institutions in the world.

The Lambert Initiative is currently undertaking a number of preclinical and clinical research programs on the medical scientific properties and applications of cannabinoids and associated chemicals. Their areas of interest include childhood epilepsy, cancer, chronic pain, obesity and anorexia, addiction, mental health and dementia.

They are also gathering crucial existing knowledge from people currently using illicit medicinal cannabis products, and are an integral component of the ongoing NSW Government-sponsored cannabis clinical trials. Jordyn’s work is focused on analytical chemistry, including the extraction and composition analysis of cannabinoids.