The 3 stages of the cannabis supply chain

The medicinal cannabis supply chain has 3 main stages:

• Cultivation
• Manufacture and product development
• Patient access

Many people want to learn more about medicinal cannabis, and generally their interest is limited to one of these three areas.

People with an interest in agriculture, horticulture and plant biology tend to focus on cultivation and extraction. Topics such as manufacturing and product development tend to attract people with backgrounds in pharmacology, biotechnology, and medical science R&D. For doctors, nurses, health practitioners, and medicinal cannabis users, patient access is a primary area of interest.

But what most people are unaware of is that, due the Australian regulatory environment, to properly understand one of these areas, you must also understand the others.

For example, if you want to set up a business to exclusively cultivate medicinal cannabis, you need to partner with someone who want to manufacture your plants into finished products. This manufacturing partner also needs to understand the unique requirements of different patient groups, and develop medicines accordingly. In order for manufacturers to provide these medicines, they need a solid understanding of the patient access systems in place across the country.

For a cultivator, this means before you start your business, you need to know which patients you’ll be serving and how they can access your medicines, as this will inform both the types of cannabis you choose to cultivate, the techniques you use, and the scale of your infrastructure.

For a scientist hoping to engage in cannabinoid research, a clinician learning to prescribe cannabis medicines, or an entrepreneur aiming to build a medicinal cannabis start-up, knowing how the whole supply chain fits together is essential.

This is why the Medicinal Cannabis Leadership Program has been designed as a holistic training program spanning commerce, science and regulation.

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